A fine day ends when you wake up seeing a crack on your car’s windshield, and you can’t precisely recall what struck hard at it and caused the damage. The size of a little smack in the windshield makes you line up in the mechanic shop but what would be great than fixing your cracked windshield yourself and save on your expense?

Step#1 Start Dry

Drying your windshield is essential before you move onto the main steps. Use a hairdryer is a window is wet. Lighter fluid or acetone can help dry the surface but use it in a reasonable amount.

Step#2 Chips Ahoy

Make sure to start by peeling off the backing film on one side of the pre-cut adhesive strip. Next, peel the remaining film. Orient the plastic adapter so that the fitting is close to vertical as possible. Next is to focus on burnish an adhesive patch to a perfectly cleaned windshield and adapter, otherwise, it will be a more mess later.

Step#3 Windshield Repair Kit

Buy a Windshield repair kit from the auto parts store to keep it handy. The package includes a “bridge” applicator with suction cups that fastens to the glass. This applicator is a better version of syringe applicator. Bridge applicator works wonders due to its vacuum system that effortlessly removes the air from the cracked glass. It is essential to follow the instructions and also check for mandatory requirements.

Step#4 UV Lamp Or Solar Light

With the help of a UV lamp, you can quickly fill the crack with resin that can be fixed with ultraviolet rays or direct sunlight on a sunny day.

Step#5 Pat The Broken Glass The windshield must be completely dry. With the use of a thin metal sheet or any object, make sure to tap the glass shards of the crushed windshield gently. You can use a kit with bullseye tapper. Don’t forget to wear gloves while handling broken glass.

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