A windshield is the most safety ensuring component of your vehicle. It’s a type of a window which provides the driver clear sight of the vision and protects them from debris such as dust, insects, and rocks. When a driver visualizes a car accident, they imagine the worst circumstances but with knowing the potential causes of broken windshields, they can reduce the risk factors of an apparent disaster. There are many factors that can damage your windshield and most of them we’re sure you don’t know.

Extreme Weather Conditions

There are certain weather conditions that are hazardous for your windshield lifespan. Notably, gusty winds associated with tornados and hurricanes can incite the debris to fly, that, as a result, can cause chips and cracks to your auto glass.  In most storm conditions, the trees bang car’s windshield with full force, making the windshield break. Other than this to keep your vehicle safe, avoid going out in the rough weather conditions and store your vehicle in a garage or anywhere safe. It is probable because the temperature fluctuations can put several cracks in your windshield. For this reason, pay more attention when you’re driving to other states as the sudden change of temperature may have a bad effect on your old windshield. 

And above all, if your windshield is covered with tiny divots, the result could be an eternal broken windshield that needs a costly windshield glass replacement.

Road Hazards & Accidents

Did you previously know that rock and gravel if hit your auto glass in a full momentum can crack your windshield? Know that flying debris is always dangerous as it travels in all directions onto the road. Now knowing these kinds of road hazards, accidents are considered among the most prominent sources of the windscreen long-term damage. Similarly, when a collision of two powerful forces occur, the dangerous combination can stimulate a deadly automobile crash that none of the drivers would want to experience. Furthermore, a collision can cause fractures or brakes in the glass and even make obvious the ones that exist.

Additionally, it’s a human nature to ignore the small crack or chip until it takes shape of a large crack- this includes every single chip or crack that is naked eye noticeable. 

So when you have a car accident, inspect your windshield for any chips and cracks to get saved from the expensive windshield repair.

Wrong Installation

This may not strike your mind but your windshield, if installed improperly in the first place, can contribute greatly to a chance of leaving your auto glass broken. Please also consider if the air enters inside of your car or you get wet in the carwash, or it seems to be loose, you should get the windshield checked as soon as possible. The equal contribution of pressure, heat, and force carries the right opportunity to damage your windshield when you are driving down the road.

To fix your broken windshield, either get the damaged parts repaired or reach out to professional service at the right time by searching for “Windshield Repair near me” on Google so that you don’t confront the hefty expense of an entirely new windshield.

Poor Quality Of Glass

Some reports demonstrate the numerous cases of families driving down the freeway and to their surprise, their windshield tore into pieces at a point. This can anytime happen at the most unexpected moments such as early morning on your way to your workplace or airport. The evident cause is low-quality glass that contains weak spots and crevices within, making the entire glass extremely weak.

Regardless of these causes, the likelihood of cracked windshield can be avoided using a high-quality windshield glass replacement.

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