When you type auto glass repair in the search-bar you will be smacked by literally hundreds of search results. In this scenario it might get a little tricky to tell apart those companies that are a real deal from those that are merely pretending to be experts. Like Auto Glass Repair Buckeye some other companies may offer good services too. But what makes us absolutely incomparable is our promise to offer full disclosure to our invaluable clientele regarding our bargains with them.

In addition to the experienced staff and cutting edge apparatus, we provide complete guidance to our customers. We let them know the possible options they have. It eventually helps our clients like you in choosing the best solution for vehicle at an affordable price. Following are some other factors that make us considerably better than other auto glass companies.

Can We Adeptly Repair Your Automobile’s Windshield?

The answer is a downright yes! At the same time, though, it is important for you to keep in mind that it applies only to those windscreens that are manufactured by using laminated glass. Most of the back glass as well as side windows are made from tempered glass. That is the reason they must be replaced by first-rate professionals like Auto Glass Replacement Goodyear AZ, since it is not possible to repair tempered glass.

Apart from the type of glass which is employed to manufacture your automobile’s windshield, there are three other factors that determine whether it is possible to repair the auto glass. These factors include location, depth and size of the chip or crack. Before moving on and digging further into these three factors, it is imperative to take a quick look at some of the most common types of cracks:

  • Bull’s Eye – It is a circular shaped damage that is caused either by a small rock or any other similar hard object. A bull’s eye is pretty much similar to the chips, but bigger in size.
  • Chip – When an object, such as a rock hits the windshield a small portion of auto glass comes off it.
  • Half Moon – It is basically a bull’s eye. The only difference is that it does not form a complete circular shape. That is why it is sometimes also recognized as partial bull’s eye.
  • Long Crack – As its name signifies, a long crack is around 15 cm or six inches long. It is not possible to fix it by employing any repairing method.
  • Stone Break – It is a tiny chip that often takes place when any hard item like a tiny stone hits the windscreen. Over time it can turn into a long crack.  
  • Floater Crack – The floater begins from the windshield’s middle and stays away from its outer edges.
  • Star Break – It includes a series of tiny radial cracks that form a star’s shape.

Now you are well aware of some of the most common types of cracks. It would be easier for you to understand the three aforementioned factors that determine the possibility of repairing a windshield.

– Size of the Crack

The technology which is utilized to repair auto glass is advancing at a rapid pace. Thereby, the competence to fix large cracks or chips keeps on getting better, and could also vary depending upon each company. Generally Auto Glass Repair Buckeye can repair those chips that are smaller in size than one quarter. While on the other hand, cracks that have length of around three inches can be repaired quite easily.

There is also a complete guide book by ROLAGS that specifies the restrictions on the sizes of repairs. It is done on the basis of each form of damage, such as bull’s eye, chip, half moon, star break, long crack etc. The restrictions on windshield repair sizes can also differ depending upon the certain location where the damage is occurred.

– Location

Another factor that significantly affects the repairing company’s ability to repair an automobile’s windshield is location of the crack. If a crack goes up to the auto glass’s outer edge, then it is highly likely that windshield’s structural integrity is not reliable anymore. In such scenarios, Auto Glass Replacement Goodyear AZ would recommend you to get your windscreen replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid any undesired event.

Another spot where it is advised not to perform windscreen repair’s the driver’s side of the windscreen. The biggest reason behind it is that repairs usually leave some distortion on the glass. It can spoil the driver’s road view. Lastly, those damages that occur close to diverse sensors, such as automatic braking sensor, warning system of lane departure, rain sensors etc. make it mandatory to replace the windshield.

– Depth

The depth of a crack is closely linked to its size, however, with respect to how deeply the windshield is damaged. A windscreen is essentially a sandwich that contains three different layers (inner layer, inter layer and outer layer) of laminated glass. If a crack has penetrated the inner layer then in this case it would be close to impossible to repair the windshield.

In What Cases Our Top Professionals Suggest You Windshield Replacement?

Our experts provide thorough inspections to determine what would be a better solution for your windshield – a repair or replacement. However, there are some instances where it becomes compulsory to replace your vehicle’s windshield. Such scenarios are listed below:

  • Windshield of your automobile is manufactured with the tempered glass, instead of laminated glass.
  • The chip or crack goes up to the outer edge of your windscreen.
  • The length of crack’s longer as compared to one dollar bill.
  • Chip or crack has penetrated the interlayer and inner layer of the windshield.

If you see any of these above mentioned signs in your windshield, it is necessary for you to get in touch with the highly trained staff of Auto Glass Replacement Goodyear AZ. Whether your windshield needs to be repaired or a complete replacement, we will take good care of your auto glass related problems.

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