The purpose of windscreens is a lot more than merely blocking bugs and wind from entering into the vehicle. As a matter of fact, windshields provide a major support to the automobile’s roof. They are designed in a way to stop the roof of car from collapsing inside it, if car rolls over as result of an accident. It has been estimated by the automobile experts that a brand new, properly installed windshield offers around seventy percent of integrity and support to the cars in case they overturn during accidents.

The windshield, as mentioned previously, is installed to keep rain, wind, bugs and other similar debris out of the automobile. On the other hand, when windscreen gets damaged either in the form of pits, chips or cracks, it does not only endangers the life of driver and passengers by messing up the driver’s view due to reflecting rays of sunlight. It becomes dangerous in so many other ways too. In several months, a small chip can easily transform into a daunting crossover crack.

There are literally dozens of reasons that can cause windscreen to get cracked or chipped over time. One of the most common reasons is leaving an old mark or chip unrepaired. In addition to it, extreme hot and cold weather could also be responsible for damaging windscreens. Harsh hailing can cause extreme damage too. After all you can’t really do anything when the sky is throwing snowballs that are bigger and fiercer than a baseball. Such incidents might not let you repair the windscreen and you will be bound to get it replaced by proficient technicians of Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix.

Driving an automobile that either has a poorly installed or cracked windscreen can be seriously dangerous. Most of the people forget this fact that it is actually the windscreen, apart from seat belt, that stops the driver and front passenger from flying out of the vehicle in an accident. Windshield is not simply a glass. It is, in fact, a vital barrier that can stand as a barrier between driver’s life and death.

Considering all these things, it is essential to get the windshield inspected on a regular basis for potential damages. Get it replaced if temporary repairs do not seem to be a good solution especially in the long run. Diverse gimmicks, such as magic band-aids are also sprawling like a plague in the market. They claim to fix huge windshield cracks with some transparent tape. Be aware that these offerings are nothing more than scams. Relying upon them can even be detrimental for your life and well being too.

The procedure of removing the old windshield and installing a new one is something that needs a lot of experience and practice. It must never be considered as a casual do-it-yourself kind of project. Following is the whole process of windshield replacement that is cautiously followed by the professionals.

Removing an Automobile’s Trim

The very first step taken by the experts of Auto Glass Replacement Tempe AZ is to get rid of old, weak trim that keeps the windscreen in its place. This process is pretty much like removing your room-window’s caulking before you take out the window. More often than not a sharp razor is employed for this purpose that eventually loosens the windscreen.

Taking Out the Windscreen

After removing the trim, professionals start to lift the old windshield with utmost care. They are well equipped with the right instruments such as huge suction cups that have handles. Windscreen is popped out of its place while making sure that the glass does not shatter during the procedure.

Cleansing and Preparation of Pinch Weld

The next step that follows after carefully removing the windscreen involves cleansing and preparation of pinch weld. It is basically a very small space present between the vehicle’s body and windscreen. The purpose of pinch weld is to hold the windshield’s edges. Over the years, dust, dirt and old urethane is most likely to build up in this gap. Therefore, it is indispensable to clean it thoroughly before assembling a new windscreen. In the presence of dirt and debris, new windshield might not fit accurately in pinch weld which can be very risky. 

Applying Urethane

Urethane is put on the pinch weld’s edges after cleaning them. Urethane works like an adhesive or glue that keeps the windscreen in its place. One important thing that professionals at Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix ensure that urethane is applied evenly on the whole pinch weld. In addition to it, this entire procedure should be completed quickly so that it does not start to dry up before even placing the windscreen in its spot.

Installation of New Windscreen

It is the last and probably the most crucial step that is involved in the whole process of windshield replacement. After evenly applying urethane on the borders of pinch weld, the windscreen is carefully lifted and fitted right over your automobile’s face hole. The auto glass is carefully moved to perfectly fit it within the edges of pinch weld. Once windshield is positioned properly, it is then pushed into its spot typically by using bars and suction cups. Experts hold it there for some minutes.

By making the most out of their extensive experience professionals observe the urethane. Once they are confident that urethane is beginning to set, they take away the suction cups from the windshield and allow the glass to get cured completely. Process of curing varies on the basis of multiple factors, such as what form of urethane is used, outside weather etc. However, in most of the cases you can jump into your vehicle and drive it away from Auto Glass Replacement Tempe AZ in not more than an hour once the windshield is installed.

While choosing professionals for the replacement of your automobile’s windshield, it is imperative to ensure that the company you are considering has certified employees and they have an adequate amount of experience to deal with such things. The availability of right tools is also a must so that if any complication springs up they can handle it without much trouble.

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