It is unfortunate and somewhat alarming that amongst all the potential problems that a vehicle might encounter, damaged windshield is considered to be the least worrisome. People wrongly believe that a small crack or chip can do no harm. However, in reality, a seemingly harmless chip can become the cause of an unimaginable disaster.

If you are also one of those people who are looking for windshield replacement near me to get the windshield replaced, then following are some of the factors that you must mull over before actually initiating the whole procedure.

Are Small Chips Really Too Bad?

They beyond any doubt are. It is imperative that you must not overlook small chips. Different researches have revealed that around ninety percent of the small chips turn into large cracks within the time period of three years. The most intimidating thing about it is that those chips can turn into cracks without giving any kind of warning. Your windshield might get one when you least expect it. Consequently it causes severe distraction that can lead to a major accident.

Moreover, it is windshield that is responsible for the overall safety of your vehicle. It makes sure that every single airbag gets properly deployed. Windshield also assists in maintaining the structural integrity of vehicle in case a vehicle gets rolled over. Experts reveal that damaged automobile glass is around sixty to seventy percent weaker as compared to an undamaged, fit glass. It is one of those risks which should be avoided simply by getting in touch with Car Window Replacement Phoenix and fixing all the automobile glass related issues.

What to Do If Cracks Are Too Large?

In some cases it might be possible to repair small chips temporarily. However, what to do if crack on the windshield is too huge? Well if the glass is damaged beyond repair, then it would become necessary to completely replace it. The total cost involved in the replacement of windscreen can vary depending upon different factors, such as model and make of the vehicle.

One thing that is of downright significance is that the vehicle glass that is being installed on your car should be in line with the quality standards of NHTSA. Try to get the services of only those companies that offer nationwide warranty on replacements and repairs.

How Long Do Professionals Take To Replace a Windshield?

There are multiple variables which determine the downtime of your vehicle. These variables include how fast can you manage to schedule the service, how far is a servicing location and most importantly the availability of the professional technicians. It is not very difficult to make service appointment immediately or the very next day.

Do Automobiles Encounter Any Risk During the Replacement Process?

Gone are the days when you had to worry about your vehicle’s condition during the process of windshield replacement. The technicians have years of training and experience to conduct such procedures without any kind of hassle. In addition to experience, professionals of Car Window Replacement Phoenix are equipped with a whole plethora of cutting edge and innovative tools that assist in making the whole process almost risk-free.

What Are the Common Factors That Cause Windscreen Damage?

If you own a car it is necessary to have knowledge regarding different factors that cause windshield damage. Some of the common ones are explicated below:

  • Car Accidents

Perhaps the most obvious reason, car accidents can cause some serious damage to the windshield. The intensity of damage also depends upon the type of accident. In case of head-on hits chances are that the windshield would get totally destroyed and safety glass will be smashed into small pieces. Even if your vehicle’s windscreen looks intact after a major accident, it is advised to get its structural integrity examined by a technician.

  • Extreme Temperatures

Glass tends to contract in cold and expand in warm weather. The automotive glasses of supreme quality are manufactured in a way so that they can diminish thermal strain. However, extreme hot and cold temperatures for long time periods might encourage cracks of different sizes to form in the windscreen.

  • Inferior Quality Glass

Automobile glass of low and cheap quality would definitely be more prone to defects like chips and cracks as compared to top quality glass. It is not necessary that a windshield which is manufactured by using cheap glass will show immediate visible damage. The small weak sections it has are more likely to grow into sizeable cracks with time. If you are searching out for windshield replacement near me it would be highly advised to prefer those professionals who utilize reliable and durable windshields manufactured by a credible brand.

  • Faulty Installation

Let’s make one thing clear. Not everyone has the skill and experience to replace or repair windshields. Faulty installation sometimes becomes the cause of loose fit. In case the windshield’s too loose, then even normal driving would create high intensity vibrations that will ultimately crack and smash the windscreen. If you observe any kind of visible vibration or reverberating noises right after getting a new windscreen installed, go back to the technician right away and ask him to make the required adjustments.  

  • Storm Debris

This cause is generally encountered by those folks who live in the areas where it is common to have hailstorms. Hailstones are considered to be the biggest culprits to negatively affect the automobile glass. Moreover, high winds can also litter and blow branches of tress that may hardly hit the windshield. To elongate the life of your windscreen it is advised to park your car indoor. You can also cover your car during stormy weather if indoor parking is not available.

  • Rock Chips

Yes small chips can be absolutely annoying. The worst thing about is them they are not just annoying. Small chips can cause serious damage over the years if they are not handled immediately. It is always preferable to let such chips inspected by the experienced technicians of Car Window Replacement Phoenix so they can suggest you how to effectively deal with them.

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