Every single person who owns an automobile has to handle a chipped or cracked windshield sooner or later. Now there are literally millions of people who drive vehicles on a daily basis, and deal with this common issue. When so many individuals become a part of one problem then occurrence of several misconceptions and myths is not so surprising. This post aims to bust eight widespread fallacies and unearth the truth that is hidden somewhere underneath them.

Misconception # 1 – All Companies That Offer Windshield Replacement Are Fundamentally the Same

Fact – You might have heard from your colleague or relative that choosing a windshield replacement service is no big deal since all of them are pretty much same. This point of view is absolutely wrong. The fact is that usually auto glass companies can be divided into three main categories.

The first one has highly experienced and proficient professionals who have a great reputation to sustain. Second outfit consists of amateurs who do want to perform well but could not because of the lack of experience and required equipment. The third and the worst of all are the pure frauds that have only one goal – scam as many people as they can.

Goodyear Windshield Replacement belongs to the very first tier mentioned above that is always more than willing to assist you whenever you need to get your windshield fixed.

Misconception # 2 – Only Huge Rocks Are Capable of Damaging Your Windshield

Fact – Big rocks can definitely break the windshield. However it would be absolutely wrong to say that only big ones are responsible for windshield related damages. The fact is even small gravels that apparently look harmless can do some nasty damage to automobile glass. This theory becomes even more accurate when those tiny peddles collide against your windshield when your vehicle’s speed is over 70 mph.

There are basically four factors which should be taken into account while analyzing the rocks related windshield damage:

  • The weight of the rock or any other object that collides with windshield
  • The spot it hits
  • Speed of the automobile
  • Object’s shape that collides with your windshield

It can be life threatening if an individual is traveling at a high speed and a rock smashes into the driver’s area of the windshield. So, yes even small pebbles can be extremely perilous.

Misconception # 3 – Super Glue Can Be Utilized As a Permanent Solution 

Fact – Super glue does have the competence to patch up a whole plethora of household stuff. Probably that is the reason why so many people fallaciously start believing that it can fix their windshields too. However, in reality, super glue is not a very reliable solution specifically in the long run. The primary reason behind it is that these glues are not strong enough and simply could not bear heavy weights.

 It should be kept in mind that when you drive a vehicle especially at high speeds then windshield has to put up with a great amount of air pressure. Not to mention the stress exerted by a vehicle’s roof that windshield has to bear. In addition to that, super glue might leave a great deal of sticky material on the glass that could be removed easily for sure.

Misconception # 4 – Safety Glass Does Not Break

Fact – Modern windshields are manufactured by using laminated glass which also called safety glass. It is a prevalent thought that laminated glasses are shatter or crack proof. That is absolutely incorrect. As a matter of fact, there is a multitude of things like severe changes in temperature, vandalism or flying debris that can break or chip the glass.

The only key difference between safety glass and normal glass is that the former breaks into very small pieces which make it nearly harmless. This is why laminated glass is used to produce windscreens. If an accident happens then driver does not get injured by pointed shards.  

Misconception # 5 – It’s Alright to Ignore Small Chips

Fact – Windscreens are an integral part of the automobile and even a very small chip of stone can significantly weaken the structure of windshield. Experts at Soaglass Windshield Replacement suggest that even minor chips should also be taken seriously since they can easily turn into massive cracks in no time. Therefore, in order to avoid any serious problem in the future do not commit the mistake of ignoring small chips and get them fixed right away.

Misconception # 6 – Band-Aids to Fix Windscreens Are Effective

Fact – It is nothing more than a cunning scam that is designed to hunt down those motorists who do not have a lot of experience. You might come across any kind of transparent tape that falsely claims to keep a broken windscreen intact. All these things are clever gimmicks and have no practical application in reality. Thereby, it is crucial to pay no heed to them and always get in touch with professional windshield experts who know how to do their job in an effective manner.

Misconception # 7 – Just About Anyone Can Replace the Windshields

Fact – Well it is the experience and practice of professionals that make the entire process of windshield replacement a piece of cake. Those experts are doing this job for years and are well acquainted with how to take care of diverse complications. In short, the replacement of windshields is not a DIY kind of chore. It is not something that you must try to do at home. Glass can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. So leave this job to the experts.

Misconception # 8 – It’s Fine to Cruise in a Damaged Windscreen

Fact – There are states of USA where it is not legal to drive a vehicle that has a damaged windshield. Apart from legal issues, it is absolutely dangerous too. A cracking or collapsing windscreen could lead to a fatal accident. To avoid such risk it is always to contact Goodyear Windshield Replacement and get your windshield fixed in a matter of short time.

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