Windshields are subject to constant stress from the moment they are manufactured. The cause can be cutting of the glass, its curve, and the inner laminate that prevents it from cracking in a thousand pieces. The size, shape, curve, and even the orientation, inclination and distribution of its masses also generate significant internal tensions. And that imbalance can be lost when the windshield receives a hit-hard impact, however small it may be. 

You will immediately have to ask for the best windshield replacement. What happens to the car during the time it takes to get the glass? Do you have to stop the vehicle during that wait? No! We offer you swift service to solve the problem. Do you want to know what exactly this service consists of?

Unfortunately, no vehicle is exempt from any glass breakage. On certain occasions, the reason is a traffic accident. But in many others, the cause is simpler, such as a gravel that hits directly on the glass from the road or a branch from the tree that falls while the car is parked. Since we already know that driving with damaged glass is a serious danger, it is important to act correctly, and for that, you should call the best Windshield repair experts that you know of. If you’re in Tempe, AZ, our experts at SOA Glass can help. We take great pride in being one of the very best Windshield repair service in Tempe, AZ.

At this point, when customers come to our workshops, we make sure to offer the best windshield replacement service. It is not a temporary plastic that we place on the glass to prevent it from coming off since it is possible to continue driving usually. To replace windshield glass, it is not necessary to make an appointment. After installation, the driver receives the commitment with the seal as the final glass is fixed. This solution is safe and effective, although due to the size of the windshield it might take time.

What to do When Any of the Windows of the Car is Broken?

It is always a good time to remember that driving with broken glass is very dangerous for our safety. If we ignore this issue, the likelihood is that both the person driving and the rest of the occupants will face unnecessary hazards. If any day we realize some damage has occurred, check the severity of the problem. What if the glass is completely shattered? Should I immediately call for repair or replacement service?

Well, you can call SOA Glass so that our technicians assess the situation and offer the most appropriate solution and urgently. In these circumstances, it is advisable to move at a slower speed so as not to aggravate the consequences of the breakage. Finally, in the event of having insurance that includes the coverage of auto glass, the repair service will not entail any cost and as a general rule. 

In this simple way, it is possible to benefit from the advantages offered by our windshield replacement service. When replacing the windshield, customers can circulate calmly knowing that the new glass has the approval and the relevant quality standards, together with the guarantee. We ensure guaranteed satisfaction. 

Why doesn’t a sharp blow break the windshield and a light touch can blow it up into a thousand pieces?

Fractures, moisture, and cracks created by stress and tension are the reason. Although at first glance, the state of your windshield may seem perfect, the reality can be different in many ways. Remember, even a small chip or crack can break and jeopardize your safety and of those who travel with you.

The actual resistance of the glass is much lower than its theoretical strength. The first theory that was published (A.A. Griffith, 1921) explained why glass fractures occurred? It cleared that the expansion of glass breakage is inversely proportional to the size of the effect. That is, the higher the damage; the less force will be required to increase its size. In short, as the size of the impact increases, the resistance of the windshield as a whole is reduced. Stress, moisture and cracks created by fatigue are the explanation. Although at first glance, the state of your windshield may seem perfect, the reality can be very different and its real resistance to any impact. Remember, even a small chip or crack can break and jeopardize your safety and of those who travel with you.

Another factor that also affects deteriorating glass resistance is the existing environmental humidity. A 1967 study (S. Wiederhorn) demonstrated how even with minimal stresses and moisture can impact glass to halt continuously without stopping, even if it is the only molecule by molecule. A recent study has shown that temperature and its variations are also factors that increase hidden damage on a windshield.

What the Windshield Tests Say

In experiments on windshields that had pecks or small impacts on it the external temperature of -10 degree, 81% windshield broke in less than 5 minutes after turning on the heating of the car. At -5 degree, 70% did it, and even at 0 degrees, 59% of the crystals were broken.

So if you want to avoid unforeseen scares, in case you detect small impacts on the windshield of your car do not hesitate and have it repaired. Most insurance policies cover these repairs, and these are done in just one hour so it will be difficult for you to find an excuse for not doing so and avoid a possible accident. 

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Other services we offer include the change of front glass, change of side windows, and the change of rear glass and soon the replacement of rear view mirrors. Don’t wait any longer and schedule your service online!

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