The windshield is essential glass for a driver. Driving safely is impossible without a clean and unobstructed view of the street. Therefore, the legislation is principally strict regarding the windshield condition. We are here to explain what you should consider about your windshield and what to do in case of damage.

What Damage Can The Windshield Suffer?

A windshield protects against running wind which, as the speed increases, will put more pressure on it. But it also suffers all the force of the wind and all the objects that it carries. Thus even the smallest pebbles may cause a permanent mark on the crystal. Apart from breaks and deteriorated areas, the dust that passes continuously through the windshield also causes a loss of vision over time.

Apart from the impact of stones and the slow formation of scratches, body torsions can also cause the glass to crack suddenly. If the body deviates minimally, such high tensions can be generated in the front glass that it may suddenly burst. However, for this to happen, production failures or a negligent assembly must coincide with several other factors. Even so, a sudden breakage cannot be ruled out in any case. This is because the windshield has a bearing function on the body. It contributes to the rigidity of the entire vehicle and is, therefore always under tension.

If an arm of the windshield wiper is lost and turns on, scratching the windshield is inevitable. Although a windshield is hardened by a particular procedure, this finish only serves to resist as long as possible the continuous wear of the dust and sand contained in the running air. Applying a stripped wiper arm with great force can destroy even the best windshield. By the way, this also applies to the rear glass. In any case, if the damage turns out to be severe, you will immediately have to look for the best windshield replacement services in your area.

Can We Repair The Windshield?

The windshield of a car consists of three layers: a hardened top glass, a layer of plastic glue and an interior glass. Generally, only the top layer is damaged so that it can be easily repaired. A damaged area on a windshield can sometimes be closed with an injection of synthetic resin, so the break disappears without leaving a mark. Moreover, at the point of breakage, the glass is exceptionally resistant. Therefore, no further damage is expected in this area. For this to happen, some favorable factors must coincide. An expert should evaluate whether a crystal is still repairable or has to be replaced. 

What is Glass Polishing?

Technology has made a real breakthrough in the field of windshield scratch removal. The most modern means are available to eliminate polishing dull spots and small scratches of the windshield. Although this work is quite laborious, since the glass is resistant by its hardness to a polishing treatment, with the correct brightener to get surprising results, with this advance, you will save a lot of time and money. However, we suggest seeking the help of a professional.

Nothing is Free

We are sure you are now tied of listening to those radio announcements where everyone is offering to repair windshield damage for free? However, as free as it is constantly advertised in the ads, it is not. Even with full insurance, the insured must pay the deductible to be paid in case of repair. And, depending on the rate, this can be as expensive as the repair itself. So, why not opt for one and all solution that is windshield replacement.

When is a Glass Repaired?

Due to the described high voltages that are generated on the windshield, it is not advisable to drive for a long time with greater damage. Even the smallest breakage may sooner or later become a more severe problem. A sealed and glued point, however, restores security completely. However, the possibility of repairing holes in the glass is quite limited. The hole must not be in the direct vision. It must not be within a 10 cm edge around the windshield frame. It must not exceed a radius of 5 millimeters, and it must not be larger than a coin in its entirety.

Useful Emergency Measure

If the impact of stone leaves a visible mark on a windshield, you should act immediately. With protective stickers specially designed for this function, the crack can be sealed quickly and delay subsequent damage for some time. If water penetrates through the breakage, the risk for the windshield increases significantly. Both waters frozen in winter and water vapor in summer can increase the internal tension in the glass. Therefore, a crack should be sealed as soon as possible and if that seems doubtful, make sure you opt for quick windshield replacement in Phoenix.

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