Can you drive a car with a smashed windshield? Even if you nod, “Yes,” it’s not at all safe. A chipped windshield could be somewhat fixable, but a broken merely needs a whole glass replacement. When you can’t determine situations that would be liable to go for expensive auto glass, we develop for you:

It’s good to lose your dollars sometimes when:

  • You need to repair a spider web of fine fissures or 
  • You want to bid farewell to a massive crack, 
  • In case you encountered a powerful collision
  • Animals or natural disaster damage your front glass. 

After you read this entire blog post, we expect you to keep your windshield always in a mint condition. Right now, cognize the vital importance of a proper windshield replacement that is not possible without professional’s flawless expertise.

Why Repair Or Replace Is Necessary For A Damaged Windshield?

Lots of reasons. Considering the mounting importance of a windshield that it is an integral part of your vehicle, it’s your utmost responsibility to ensure its well-being. Think in this direction. When it comes to the health and safety of your family, passengers, and children, you rush them to the nearby healthcare center as delaying is prone to tempt more disparaging circumstances. 

In contrast, a windshield that allows the passengers to enjoy a cross-sectional view is also the key safety feature that protects them when another object is about to bump into your vehicle with great force-reducing the chance of severe injuries and even death. Whereas if the glass is engrossed with multiple small chips or a major crack, it becomes quite difficult to ignore the accident; furthermore, if you prolong its treatment, the new one could cost you a whopping amount.

Thence, we would say that don’t encourage the preventable danger; it’s wise to keep your safety above every endeavor. 

In addition, there are various things to consider when looking for a cost-effective auto glass repair and replacement service provider. Find them below:

1. Certified and Trained Windshield Installer

There you go. When shopping around for an auto glass replacement company, this is the first thing to seek. Is the particular technician certified by an independent certification organization or by the adhesive (or glue) manufacturer? Does he have the necessary expertise to do a challenging job? Expert technicians are especially sent out to learn the ability, such as performing windshield installations alone.

2. They Should Meet ANSI Z 26.1 and Pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

This may sound like an invalid question to you, but the purpose of the ANSI Z 26.1 standard is to diminish the injury risk resulting from an impact to glass surfaces. Other than this, this provides a degree of transparency in motor vehicle windows to enhance driver visibility, and far more importantly, it minimizes the possibility of passengers being kicked out through the vehicle during intense collisions.

We at SOAGLASS, the leader in the US auto glass industry, meet and exceed every federal requirement, including passing specific glazing tests. Our supreme quality service, whether it comes to glass, its application, or its installation, ensures that the correct glass is added to your vehicle. What’s more impressive about us? We offer round the clock service to any client within our region Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Buckeye and Avondale in Arizona.

Deem it or not, but we provide a lifetime guarantee at all our core services. Just in case our products or services cheat you, we’re right sitting under the roof to please you and your vehicle until and unless you both don’t inhale contentment.

We are FAST, CAPABLE, AND REASONABLE for every vehicle owner who needs a simple adjustment or a complicated installation.

Our comprehensive offerings include:

  • Cheap Windshield Replacement, 
  • Auto Glass Repair or Replacement and
  • Window Tint Repair

3. Technicians must be trained on the Adhesive 

Any service provider who is not accredited on adhesive cannot guarantee you that your replaced windshield will stay with your vehicle for a long period. Thus, before you decide on the particular one, make sure that the service provider is using the glue accurately and safely. Plus they should have the know-how of when an adhesive application would be suitable for an assortment of temperatures.

Note: Summer surface warmer temperatures and higher humidity, which means faster curing times.

4. Widespread Warranty 

Expect this as well from a great auto glass replacement service provider. Lock the one that assures you on a company’s warranty or workmanship. This would benefit you in both situations: if water or air leak occurs. Having an extensive and extended warranty can make you have the issue resolved without spending an ounce. Worried about your windshield repair or replacement? We’re your auto glass repair near me company. Elope to us if you’re in Phoenix or any of the surrounding areas we’ve mentioned.

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